Lumie Bodyclock STARTER 30

I was introduced to the Lumie product range via the Joe Beer Podcast (well worth subscribing to) and decided to do some investigating into what they were supposed to do for you.

From the Lumie website it says that these products are designed to help you wake up using light therapy to help stimulate production of hormones that help us to get up and go, while suppressing those that bring on sleep.

Now for me up until last November I would never have considered one of these products as I had no problem waking up and feeling ready to go, then for some reason in November and for ho reason I can work out I just couldn’t get up in the morning, the alarm was waking me with a start and I generally didn’t want to go anywhere. At first I thought this would go, but as it carried on into January I decided I need to do something, the question was what.

Having heard of these products I did some research and as they are relatively low in cost (approx £60) I decided to give it a go, I have to say I wasn’t holding out much hope, but try it and see.

The product is dead easy to set up, I think it took about 5 minutes and so isn’t really worth going into more details, I am sure there are unboxing videos on YouTube if you want to see one.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they , so what is the product like? Well, it is designed to increase the light in the room from 30 minutes before the alarm time to simulate a sumer morning, and I can confirm it certainly does that.

But does it make you feel better when you wake up? For me I can say that after a few weeks use it is working, when my alarm goes off I am waken yup feeling relaxed and generally ready to go. This i know is not a very scientific result, it is purely subjective, I do however have a second test subject and someone who is frankly rubbish in the morning, my wife!

First things first, my wife is a definite sufferer of SAD, and she has a lamp in her office to help her through the winter, and she also likes sleeping.

So when I asked her what she felt about the light I was very surprised by her answer, I had expected her to say it didn’t help at all, but in fact it was the complete opposite, she says that it really is helping, she is waking feeling relaxed and not dreading getting up.

The big question left for me on this is, is the effect real or is it a placebo effect? For the time being I would say it is real, as time goes on I will re-asses this and see if the results continue to be positive.

In conclusion I would say that this product might help some people, it has helped me, is it worth the money? Yes, as at worse if the effect doesn’t work you get a nice bedside light with an inbuilt alarm clock. Could you replicate the effect with a timer switch on your bedroom light and have it increase the brightness over a period of time, no idea, try it and let em know the outcome.

This review is the first one for this product, as I intend to do another one in the future to see how it is progressing.

Here is the link to this actual product for those interested.

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