A Struggle On A Sunday

The sun was shining, there was no rain and the wind had disappeared, all these factors pointed to a good sunday morning bike ride.

The reality was somehow different, from the very start I never seemed to have very good legs, my brain said go faster, my legs basically said “p*ss off it’s sunday and we are resting”. Now for any cycling fans they will be familiar with Jens Voight and his famous sticker on his bike “shut up legs” well let me tell you I might have tried thinking that but it just wasn’t happening!

So this is how the ride went, I enjoyed the sunshine, i went along at a comfortable pace the roads were dryish and the sun continued to shine.

The route I wanted to do, however, had an issue as I was going out side a village the road was shut, so I had to take a left turn up a road I didn’t know where it went. As is the way with these things it went up a reasonably steep hill which actually came out at the top of the hill I had planned to ride up. I had to make a decision then, do I carry on and miss out the hill I had planned to ride or did I go down it and turn round at the bottom and then ride back up it. Well, I chose go down and ride back up.

This was an inspired decision, as my legs seemed to return once I got on this climb, an hour later than planned, but never the less they returned. From there on the last hour and a quarter or so was a real pleasure, yes I had to go up a few more hills but even those didn’t seem too bad, a victory for sticking at it!

All in all the ride was good fun, yes I wasn’t on it as much as I would have liked, but it was sunny, a little cold but that is what winter riding is all about and on top of that I found a new hill to go play on!


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