Stick To The Plan

This week was a significantly tougher week, the intensity of the training has gone up a notch and this led to me finishing the week a lot more tired than usual.

One of the contributing factors was an additional run on Friday lunchtime, this was probably to soon after Thursday nights pain fest, and even though the run wasn’t overly hard it was long enough and fast enough to leave me tired in the evening and this led to me have two boughs of cramp whilst swimming.

Now I don’t know how others found having cramp whilst swimming, but it is tricky. Firstly I got it in the hamstring and lucky just moving my foot whilst still swimming got rid of it. But, the second time it was in my left foot, and whilst I got to the end of the length it was difficult to get rid of, it did go but wasn’t pleasant.

I think that this week I would have finished it more tired than usual but the additional run I think certainly helped, and as this run wasn’t on the plan this is where I am currently laying the blame.

This started me thinking, what if I hadn’t done the extra run, would I have been so tired? Well, this is something that I could never answer for sure, but there is one additional factor I have failed to mention so far, and that is a reasonably late night on Friday and a few beers, now this didn’t affect my swim on Friday but it certainly was a contributing factor to the overall tiredness.

What does this all mean then? Well it is simple, the plan says on this day do this, and make sure you rest, eat and sleep properly and if you don’t stick to it then there will be some impacts.

We all need to go out and have a few nights out and so I don’t feel guilty about it and so I just have to accept that if the week is a high intensity one and I have a night out in it then I will be tired. It is a hard life but if it was easy why do it!


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