Even The Rain Is Fun

Sunday’s long ride caught me out a bit as at just about the furtherest point from home it decided to rain, and not the light drizzle we normally get, oh no, it was torrential and it came down for about 45 minutes.

The first thing to understand here, is that I did not have a rain jacket with me, I had a sleeveless windproof jacket on, and luckily that provided some protection but not a huge amount. Secondly, it was cold rain, very cold and that combined with how hard it came down made for a hard time.

Despite the tough time the ride was still enjoyable, yes it would have been much better without the rain, yes if I had a rain jacket it would have been better but overall cycling is still better than sitting around indoors doing nothing.

The previous week I had a few days off work, and so in addition to the normal days training I went swimming each day, this has helped and by the end of the week I went to the local outdoor pool and donned the wetsuit for a swim. It was strange, as after a while I found when the technique is right cutting through the water is easy, now if only I can replicate this in my normal swimming.

I have been a bit lapsed at writing blog entries recently and will have to make more effort to do some more.

In the meantime, this coming week looks like being the usual more swimming and topping up the running and cycling.


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