A Bit Lapse Of Late

It is true that recently I have not written much,and frankly that is poor, what is the point of having a blog if you don’t use it?

Well it is now time to rectify this, at least for now. Recently I have seen an improvement in my swimming, it has come from a combination of things I think.

Firstly, just doing more of it, over time you should improve if you do enough of something, even swimming. Secondly, the lessons have given me the opportunity to practice basically in a lane of my own most weeks, and that is a real advantage. The third thing, and maybe it is more of a result of the others is that I am now starting to feel slightly more confident in the water.

Confidence in the water is, for me, the biggest thing. I need to feel in control and that I can safely get to the other end.

Another confidence increasing factor has been the opportunity I have had to have a few swims in an outdoor pool wearing my wetsuit. This has really helped as I can now feel the difference it makes.

I am hopeful that by the time my first race comes round I should be able to just about get through the swim, and that in turn might provide a further boost in confidence.

Before, all of that though, next weekend I am off to Lincoln to ride the Lincoln Grand Prix Sportive, apparently it finishes with a cobbled climb in the town, should be fun, and I will write a review of it next weekend.


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