One Year On

About 12 months ago I too the decision that in order to get some proper help with triathlon and set a plan to work to, and this meant getting some coaching.

I was lucky enough to be put in contact with Mike Shaw from TriPerformance who said he could certainly help me out. Mike it turns out is known as “Iron Mike”, on account of the amount of IronMan triathlons he has completed, initially I wondered if it was a reflection on his tough training schedules!

During the last year the biggest change for me is giving over all my training to the methods of someone else, I, like many, have spent years doing my training my way and suddenly I had to trust someone else.

I will admit to struggling with some of the ideas behind some of the sessions early on, but once I understood them better it became much easier to encompass the ideas and really start to buy into them.

For me one of the big pluses has been having someone to discuss issues with, especially my struggles with swimming, the level of encouragement I received was brilliant. I know I have certainly bent Mike’s ear with my moaning about swimming, but ultimately he was proved correct in that I could do it.

Would I recommend getting some coaching to everyone, well it depends what you want. There are many training plans online to follow and I am sure work well, but if you want something tailored for you and are prepared to both invest the time and money then, yes, a coach could be for you.

I have certainly benefited over the last year from the help and guidance provided by Mike, and I am looking forward to continuing the relationship and hopefully with my results continuing to improve.

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