Bicycle Racing

Over the next few weeks I have two bikes events to take part in. Firstly the Brompton World Championships at Goodwood Racing circuit and then the Ride 100 London.

The Brompton race is probably the most fun even tI have done in the past, you get about 800 people with Bromptons, provide them with a proper racing circuit, make them fold up their bikes and have a Le Mans style start, and then you have fun. Oh yes, there is one more very important factor, the event has a very strict dress code, for the gentlemen a shirt, tie and jacket are required, yes really a jacket and tie!

For those who are thinking this event is a bit of a joke, the past winner winners included Roberto Herras and more recently Michael Hutchinson, the former elite time trial list (I think he may still be racing just perhaps not quite so fast!).

For me, the Goodwood circuit is a new event for me, as previously I took part when it was held at Blenheim, so I am really looking forward to it.

The second event is the Ride 100 London, I got a place in this event via the ballot and for those who don’t know it takes place on closed roads starting in the Olympic Park and going through Surrey before finishing on the Mall.

There are some downsides to this event, firstly it has a very early start, around 7:30am which means getting there around 7:00am, which in turns leaving home around 4:45am to get to the car park etc. Then after the finish there is the issue of finding my way back to the car park form the Mall, they say it will be sign posted, lets hope so!

I know a couple of people who did the event last year and they say it is really good, the crowds, the closed roads and the general atmosphere amongst the riders, I will see but hopefully it will live up to the expectations.

I will probably write reviews on both events so watch this space!


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