How Far Can You Take It?

The question we all ask ourselves when we get into endurance sports, how far can I take it? Whether it be from running your first 10k to dreaming of that marathon or your first sprint triathlon and thinking of the full ironman.

When I was out running tonight I was giving this question some serious thought, when I first started out working with Mike he asked me what my targets were, I answered in year one a sprint triathlon, year 2 an olympic distance and year 3 a half ironman. His response was surprising, he said do you want to do the half ironman in a year? I answered no, but as I am now in year 2 I am seriously considering pushing on and having a go at the half ironman.

The question is though, if I do that what next? I have never run a marathon, so maybe a marathon, I never never done a long distance swim, maybe one of those who knows.

Having spoken to a few people who do endurance sports, they all say they started with something small and now are doing full ironamns or ultra marathons, but the common theme is that they now love the longer distance events and find that they want to challenge themselves more.

So do all people who take on endurance challenges become hooked by the challenge? I honestly don’t know the answer but I can say I know a few people who previously didn’t run and are now looking at doing marathons and perhaps that is the answer, once you start you can’t stop until you do find out how far you can take it.


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