Just When I Thought Everything Was Back To Normal

Just when I thought I was getting back to normal post the knee injury, it turns out that the knee has decided it isn’t as fixed as I thought.

Over the last week I have been doing some steady runs, a turbo session and I even went swimming and I thought apart from some stiffness the knee was ok as there was no pain.

However, this morning I wake up and realise that in addition to the slight stiffness there is another sensation in my knee, and it is not pleasant. A short sharp pain exists and though I am not a doctor even I know that is not right.

That led me to the first of my decisions today, do I go out cycling in the sunshine and hope the pain goes away or do the more sensible thing and don’t do it? Well for once in my life I took the sensible route and decided not to go out. I tun considered a short turbo session might be ok, but again it is still pedalling and so if I do that I may as well go out, so I decided not to do anything.

I hate not taking advantage of sunny days, it seems to me such a waste especially as we approach autumn and the onset of miserable weather, but sometimes you have to be sensible (or so my wife tells me)

So what next then, well I am thinking that I will now go and get the knee looked at, as I don’t want to be treading a fine line between being able to train and not able to and also who knows if I am making it worse by carrying on.

Hopefully, it will turn out to be nothing serious, whatever that means, and I will soon be back not to normal, in the meantime be warned I might be a little grumpy if I have to take a long break from training.


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