The Doctor Says….

Well after the last few weeks of wondering what was wrong with my knee I tok the plunge and consulted a sports physio.

For anyone who has ever been to a sports physio you will know that they are well aware that you don’t just want to know what the issue is, but all you really want to know is when can I train again! I am no different in that respect and was perfectly open that I have a race booked in 4 weeks.

So what is the issue, well it turns out I have a displaced kneecap otherwise known as runners knee. Luckily this is not as serious as it sounds.

In my case it has also given me limited movement in my hip, and so I had to go through a series of manipulations and then I was introduced to a new item of torture, the foam roller. I have heard and seen these items before but have never used one and now I know why, they hurt!

The other good news was I was allowed to do a couple of easy paced runs, but I had to agree to do the foam roller exercises every day.

Now, the idea of an easy paced run and actually doing one turned out to be entirely different. What actually happened was that I wasn’t confident about putting my right foot down, and it turned out that I was actually running on the outside of my foot, and it took a real effort to try and run properly. So 20 minutes of running turned out to be at a very slow pace 7 min 15 per km was more effort than it should have been and to be honest I didn’t really enjoy it.

Roll on Sunday when I can have another go.


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