Slow, but steady progress

Well, over the past couple of weeks i have been doing some slow and steady running with the aim of helping my knee rehabilitate.

The verdict so far is that it is getting better, perhaps a bit slower than I would like, but it is getting there. Yes there is some stiffness and I still have the dalek syndrome, stairs are my enemy! But, I am getting more comfortable going up and down them.

I have had to pull out of the Ballbuster as there is no way I am in condition to take on the challenge that it is, and to be honest I am sad about that. It was due to be my last race this yearn but no more.

As we come towards the end of the year, the time has come to consider what my main race next year will be. Initially I thought I would aim to go for a longer triathlon, a half ironman, but as it stands I am not sure I have something else in mind and that I think will be my preferred option. Once I am sure I will share what it is, lets just say, it will be a challenge.


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