And Now For Something Different

Well, I guess not entirely different but a little different, weight training.

First things first, I am no fan of going to the gym, in fact it is somewhere I avoid because being stuck inside going no where on some machine is just not my idea of fun. Before I am shouted down, I know that they have their uses etc etc but for me not a venue of choice.

So, as I have been recovering from my knee injury, more of that later, I wondered whether doing some weights would help me. I contacted the font of all knowledge, Mike and asked what he thought. He said it wasn’t a bad idea and suggested following Mark Allen’s 12 strength training exercises for triathlon. He suggested using around 50% of the maximum weight I could use for each exercise, so as not to build big muscle but to help the muscles for endurance.

I have done one weights session so far, and I have to say I didn’t enjoy it too much, but it is something to stick with for a bit and hopefully it will become more enjoyable, we will see!

In other news, I have been suffering from a very snotty cold, and that certainly cut down my ability to train recently, luckily it seems to be going now so normal service should be resumed.

The other good news is that my knee is now really starting to feel good, I did a steady 45 run on Sunday and it felt good, and I included a hill to test it going both up and down and it seemed to come through with no ill effects.

I am aiming to try and write these entries more often as I have been very lapse of late, I have a couple of reviews to write and so hopefully as I embark on the next season I will have plenty to write about. I am not yet prepared to say what the next challenge is, but it is something I hope will prove as exciting as I hope.


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