30 Day Challenge – Stage 1

I have completed the first stage of the Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge.

The first stage is based around basic mobility & balance training, and if I am honest it is an area I had not really considered in my daily training. Yes I do a set of stretches after each training session but I only concentrated on my basic legs muscles. For me, this meant this stage introduced me to doing a set of exercises that not only were not familiar to me but were in reality fresh.

6 days of progression through the exercises means that you start with getting the correct form and then you build upon it throughout the next few days.

The big question is, have I felt or noticed any differences? Well, to be honest the answer is yes, my hips certainly feel looser, I am not sure that is the most medical of descriptions but let me try and explain it.

On my first run since the end of stage one, I certainly could feel the additional flexibility, my legs felt like there was plenty of free movement but as the run was zone 1 I wasn’t able to open up fully, but even at the really steady pace I felt good.

The question will be, when I add the basic strength & core training of stage 2 will I feel added strength and still feel as flexible? Time will tell but I have a good feeling about this.

If you are interested in taking the challenge go and visit the site and sign up, it might just change you running.


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