30 Day Challenge – Stage 3

Today I finished the 3rd stage of the Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge and I am glad it is over!

This stage is designed around Intermediate Mobility & Plyometric Training, and this meant it was tough going. I am not sure if it was just me, but this set of exercises were hard, and as the reps were the same throughout it meant not gradual build up, just straight in and not let up.

The thing I took from this, that this is obviously an area I am weak in, else I would have found the exercises much easier. Does this mean I am going to add any of these exercises to my now normal post session sets, well I honestly don’t know. Part of me is thinking that once or twice a week might be an idea but the jury is still out.

The big question is am I feeling any difference so far, well, as I said last time I am certainly feeling a difference in my hips and I think that I am running with a better posture, not sinking into my hips, although I can’t say for sure it just feels like that.

There are 2 stages left and at the end of those will I be a better runner, who knows, but at least I will have learnt some very good lessons that should ultimately help my running.


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