The Pain Cave

The pain cave is a place, for those not familiar with it, which is not unlike the bat cave in many ways, although ultimately they do serve different purposes.

The bat cave is a place where Batman keeps all his favourite vehicles, the pain cave houses all the bikes, Batman dresses up to go to the bat cave, I put on a costume of sorts to visit the pain cave and finally Batman has some good tech in the bat cave, so does the pain cave.

For anyone, who still has no idea what I am on about, the pain cave is where cyclists go to suffer on a turbo trainer. In many ways the turbo trainer should be outlawed as it is an instrument of torture.

There are many, many different work outs you can do on a turbo, anything from a steady ride to intervals to riding up a mountain.

For me the turbo provides a great way of training on a bike throughout the winter, when the weather is horrible, it allows you to maintain a good level of fitness throughout the winter. My favourite sessions are those that involve a steady period, the hard interval sprints are not much fun as they hurt.

Now, there is one type of session that I love, and that is using the virtual videos on the turbo. There are loads of videos available, but my favourite is the Alps, here you can ride up classic climbs you have seen on the Tour De France. Believe me when I say, that these are hard, you will get a good sweat on and the video provides a great view of the road you are climbing. The resistance of the trainer is adjusted to replicate the steepness of the climb and so it provides a good session.

So, the pain cave a place to go and suffer, but above all enjoy the suffering.


2 thoughts on “The Pain Cave

  1. Last year when winter came around I almost bought some kind of stationary bike to stay in shape, but I didn’t end up getting one. It is probably just as well, I don’t know if I would have the mental strength to bike in place for hours. This winter I am just gonna bike as long as I can outside, hopefully I can last until spring.

    • It is not that bad, an hour on the turbo is a good workout, the maximum I do, and it is rare, is 2 hours. Put some music on and away you go. I know people who tv etc. try it you might enjoy it

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