30 Day Challenge – It’s Over

It is all done and dusted now the 30 Day Challenge from Kinetic Revolution so what is the verdict?

Firstly I have to say that it is worth remembering that this is something that a coach has made available for free when he doesn’t have to, and by this I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with the challenge, just that when something is free it is worth remembering it is not tailored for you and so is meant of everyone.

Having said that, I enjoyed the challenge, taking a structured approach over the 5 stages means you get a good idea of the areas in which you are either stronger or need to improve upon and you can also see/feel your improvement.

The big question is, What did I take from the challenge? Well, put simply three things.

Firstly, a set of exercises that I can use whenever I want to target strength, mobility etc

Secondly, much improved flexibility in my hips, and this has helped me with the rehabilitation of my knee

Finally, a small tweak to my running technique, which has given me a slightly higher cadence and a feeling of running so much smoother. In fact, my wife who saw me running the other day said the change in my running style was very noticeable and I looked like I was running on rails, no higher praise!

In summary, for me this has bene a really worth while experience, I had never really thought much before about running technique and how much difference it can make, but now I know and I will be trying to build on the initial improvements as I know the potential difference it can make.

So, go on get over to Kinetic Revolution and sign up and give it a go, and I bet you get one good takeaway, and of course don’t forget it is free.


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