2015 Events

It is that time of the year again when you have to decide what events you want to do in the following year, what takes your fancy, what challenges do you fancy.

Well for me, there is one main aim and several smaller ones, my main focus is going to be my attempt at my first ultra marathon, it is 50km off-road through the Chilterns. Now, some readers amy be aware that I have never run a marathon or really fancied one that much, but this event just appeals to me, it is off-road and will provide a very stiff challenge.

I am looking forward to doing a couple of duathlons in March and April, these should provide an interesting contrast to the triathlons I did last year.

It will not escape your notice that there are no triathlons on the list for this year, well that is simply because I am in a bit of a quandary with them, I struggle with the swimming and really for me I need to improve even if I just want to do sprints rather than longer distances. I will still be doing swim sessions, mainly for cross training.

The list of events currently is as follows:

Date Race Name Distance
18 January 2015 Hot Chocolate Run Series – Race 1 10k
21 February 2015 Rail To Trail West 10k
7 March 2015 Gatorade Eton Duathlon Race 3 5k/20k/5k
4 April 2015 Gatorade Eton Duathlon Race 4 5k/20k/5k
31 May 2015 Chiltern 100 Sportive 122k
11 July 2015 Chiltern Challenge Ultra 2015 50k

This is the plan, and the hard work has already started and will continue in 2015


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