2014 – A Year in Review

2014, a year that was a bit of a make or break year for me if I am honest, it had the possibility of offering much and delivering nothing.

The year started with me still struggling with swimming, and with triathlons on the cards it was certainly becoming more difficult for me to visualise actually finishing. I was trying with the swimming but it just wasn’t happening, and I was becoming more frustrated.

As the year moved on, life in the pool wasn’t getting much better, however, running and cycling were coming along ok.

An early season 10k trail race, saw me put in a decent 52 minute effort and that was a result inside the 75 (I think).

Time moved on and as spring approached the swimming still wasn’t where it needed to be, I honestly thought about pulling out of the tri’s as I basically didn’t want to drown!

A few sessions in the open air pool in my wetsuit certainly helped, as I was able to just about swim the required distance for the first trip, 400m, not far I hear you say, far enough I say.

Before long, the year had progressed and the first tri was upon me. Yes I goy through it, not without a struggle but I did do it. If you want to read the full story of that first trip, then click here

The next trip was due to be at Blenheim, but due to really bad weather I decided not to do it, I was really concerned about crashing on the bike leg.

Instead, I entered another trip at Dorney Lake, this one had a 750m swim, and whilst I was slow in the water, I got through it ok and the rest of my race went really well. The full report can be read here

After this I felt the pressure was off me, and I really enjoyed racing at the Brompton World Championship, where I finished 109th. Ride 100 London was a bit of a disappointment, the weather was frankly terrible, I have never ridden in rain like it, the course was shortened and if I had not been riding with a friend of mine who had raised a lot of money of charity I would have deferred my entry. We got through the 87 miles, but it wasn’t a whole lot of fun!

The back half of the year was due to the set around doing the Ballbuster Duathlon, an event that is legendary in its toughness, but I managed to displace my knee cap and this meant that I couldn’t really train and had to go through a course of physio to mend the damage. In fact, the knee if only really recently back to feeling normal and is something I am monitoring carefully.

So then 2014, a year I did become a triathlete, I did swim 750m in open water, I did improve my pb for a 10k trail race, I did improve my placing at the Brompton World Championship (by over 100 places) and I did have an injury

There are as ever a few people who at this point need to be thanked for their contribution in all of this, it isn’t all me you know. Firstly, “Iron” Mike Shaw at www.triperformance.co.uk without whose excellent training plans and advice a lot of this would not have been accomplished. The people I have trained with over the year, Roger, Dave and Gary to name a few. The biggest thanks goes to my wife, Suzanne, who has put up with me, come and supported me at races and generally been very encouraging when I felt like chucking it all in.

All in all 2014 was a good year for me on the sporting front, I am looking to forward to 2015.

Happy new year and I hope 2015 brings you everything you want.

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