The Bigger Picture

Training for me this year has so far consisted of low heart rate running, turbo sessions and swimming. On paper not perhaps the most exciting looking of sessions, but and this is the key thing they are working, and it seems working well.

I have been running pretty much 6 days a week and as the intensity has been kept down I have been able to achieve two things, firstly and most importantly get my knee rehabilitated and used to running again and then build a solid endurance base, one from which I can build on as I get closer to the aim for the year.

One thing that is important and that is to have a race to do every so often, mainly as it breaks up the training and even if you don’t do any specific work for it, you can still give it a decent go.

Ans so it was this last weekend that I did my first race of the year, a 10k run. From the above you can see that I have done no speed work and so this race would be based around the endurance I had built. I was told not to worry about the time and to take it easy as I had been running a lot of days and still had more to come in this block.

Well, the gun went and suddenly all thoughts of taking it easy disappeared I just couldn’t help myself! Yes, I ran harder than I possibly should have but I was feeling pretty good and really enjoyed stretching my legs. I finished in 49 minutes 26 seconds, which placed me 25th overall and 3rd in my age group, and the time was officially a pb. So not to shabby for a very early season race.

The best thing of all was I thought I could have actually run faster, there was a head wind for about 2.5km of each of the 2 laps and  think this slowed me down. Typical racer always got an excuse!

The point I am trying to make is that my training is aimed at a specific target but it doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun doing races along the way and in doing so I am able to see how I am feeling, it doesn’t have to be based on numbers but how much I am actually enjoying the running and the racing.

It is onwards and upwards then, and for anyone who is wondering, yes I know my pb for 10k is not that impressive but I am actually getting faster as I get older!


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