Why Bother?

The biggest single question for any one who takes on any sort of challenge is, why bother?

For every person that offers you some form of support there are many more who stare blankly at you and say “I don’t know why you do it” or “How can you do it”, well there is no simple answer to this, it comes down to the individual.

IF you are a professional you do it because that is how you make your living, if you are an amateur then you do it because you want to. It is for the challenge, the self-satisfaction and because you enjoy it.

How could you go to work all day, get home and then go out running in the dark and rain if you didn’t enjoy it? I firmly believe you couldn’t. Add to this other factors, such as long commutes or delays and then the self motivation becomes even more evident.

I think most people agree it is much easier to come home from work, sit down and watch some tv rather than go out and do something, but that is what it takes, the self drive to want to do something.

When I get the question of why, I often just shrug my shoulders and say because, not a very insightful answer but if I explained myself to those people would it make any difference would they change their view points? I doubt it.

I don’t go running, cycling or swimming to inspire others to do it, I selfishly do it for myself. IF someone wants to get into sport and asks me for advice I am more than happy to offer some, and make myself available on an ongoing basis to answer questions etc, but I do not set out to inspire anyone else. I am not that type of person, I don’t see myself as the inspirational type, more a source of information if you want it else someone who tries to satisfy himself.

So, why do I bother? Simple, I love getting out and doing something.

Try it, you might just like it.


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