Are You Doing It For Charity?

The most frequently asked question whenever you tell someone you are doing an event, any event, seems to be “Are you doing it for charity?”

To me I don’t understand this, should you only do an event for charity, can you not do something for any other reason?

When I was running every day for a year, I lost count of how many times I was asked the charity question, people couldn’t seem to grasp thecae that you don’t have to promise money to an organisation to want to do an event.

Let me make it clear, I have no problem with charity events, I have done a very occasional one myself but as of yet I haven’t found one I really want to et behind and commit a lot of money to. If you are interested, I am a regular contributor to several charities so it’s not that I am tight!

For people who are reading this, I imagine that you understand that you can enter an event of many reasons, and like I have said before for me generally it is for the personal challenge or the fact I simply fancy doing it.

So what would I do for charity? A very good question and one to which I do not have the answer, certainly not the London Marathon or the Ride London Sportive.

To me I look at events and firstly see if it has something that appeals to me, it doesn’t have to be the longest or the hardest or the toughest etc, for example last year I entered an off rod 10k, simply because the course looked scenic as it followed the river Thames.

Yes, this year I have entered a tough main event, but equally I have entered several others for the fun of doing them.

So, go on enter an event because you want to do it, don’t feel obliged to raise money, do it because you want the challenge or think the course looks great or even that you simply fancy it.


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