Shrug, and Move On

Well, sometimes you just have to give a shrug and move on, and for me, now is one of those times.

Today I was supposed to be racing an trail race in the Chiltern Hills, an event I was really looking forward to, however, due to my inability to get rid of my cold I simply wasn’t in a condition to race, well that is what my wife told me!

I thought I was taking a sensible approach this week to ensure I could race, I didn’t train on Monday or Tuesday, then did an easy run Wednesday night and all seemed ok. The numbers from the run were ok and I really thought I was winning.

But, on Thursday I woke up feeling shattered, and that feeling only got worse as the day went on, I picked up a sore throat to go with it and then starting coughing up all sorts of horrible coloured stuff! Despite this I was still optimistic of being able to race.

Friday, the situation didn’t really change and so I was forced to admit that I could not race, my wife chipped in with her opinion that if I did race I would probably not do myself any good and that would or could impact the rest of the year. So the decision was made, well not finally!

Saturday morning, I hoped when I woke up I would feel brilliant, no sore throat etc and then I could go race, however,that was not the case so I was forced to finally admit defeat.

I am now hopeful of returning to normal training next week as I have another race in a couple of weeks and as it stands I am thinking I might not be in much of a condition to do that but we will see.

I know this year is all about a single goal, and these early season events are just to break up the training but I do enjoy a race there is something about the atmosphere that I like, the chance to be with like minded people and to generally have fun.

So, no race for me today, hopefully normal service will resume shortly.


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