This week has been different for two very contrasting reasons, and just to be clear whilst those that know I can on be a little grumpy, the title isn’t about me this time!

Firstly, I have suffered something I have never had before, a blister or more exactly as it is now a big hole in my left heel. This was caused by a new of shoes worn at work, it seems they rubbed and formed a blister, and then not content with that the blister burst and the shoe decided to see how much skin it could remove. And in fairness to the shoe it did a good job, it removed plenty skin.

Having never had this before I was a little unsure exactly what to do, so I decided to put antiseptic cream on the or more exactly in the hole and then when I needed to run put a plaster on. To those who have experienced this before I am sure there are other treatments that work better. The only real problem is that the hole hurts and so when running it is a little uncomfortable, but having said that, I have still managed 5 hours of running this week. The only really bad time was on Thursday when it was pouring with rain and I had wet feet and the plaster came off, obviously not waterproof plaster. It is only a bit of pain and I am sure it will go eventually!

The second thing this week, is why are runners in London so bloody miserable? Where I live, you see another runner and the minimum you get is the nod of the head, more often than not it is “good morning”, “alright” etc, not in London. I am sure they are only aware of your existence as they tend to run straight at you snd see who moves first. If this was elite looking runners I might be able to accept it, but when it is fat plodding people it just doesn’t make any sense. In fact on Tuesday on my out and back run I saw a runner near the end of the first leg said “hi”, got no response from a bloke who was wearing all the matching Nike gear and flash looking shoes. So, when I turn dot come back I made sure I roared past him, looked at him squarely in the eye and left him for dead. A bit of cheerfulness doesn’t cost anything, lakers all said “hello” so what is with the London runners? Are they all so good they can’t speak to anyone or is it simply the same fact that London is the most unfriendly place in the known world?


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