Here We Go!

There is a quote often heard, and I have no idea who it is actually attributed to, but it goes “this shit just got real”

For me there is now no truer statement, next Saturday I have to put all my training into practice to run the 50km in the Chiltern Challenge Ultra Marathon.

For the last few months it has just been something I have said, trying to explain to people why I want to run such a distance and hoping they stop looking at me like I am an idiot, although I find people often look at me like I’m an idiot so perhaps its not the running! It has been a thought, something that was always a long way off, a bit like your exams when you are at school.

I know I have put the work in, I have done my training, hit the numbers and physically I am probably as god as I can be for it, yes I have the nagging thought should I have done more, but, I trust Mike’s training plan and so I have no excuses on that front.

My brain is another story, when I sometimes thing about it I have serious self-doubt, I have heard this is common when you are in the taper period of training, but it doesn’t help. I can’t help thinking I haven’t got the experience to do this, but then I offset that with, well if you don’t do it how will you gain the experience, idiot (it seems I look at myself like I’m an idiot as well!) I have accepted that there will be hard times, mentally there will be hard times, but I am hoping the good times will out weigh them so much that they will be short lived.

I know what kit I am going to use, I know what nutrition I am going to use and I know I just need to trust in the process and I will be ok.

That is it really, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward and we will finish.


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