Next Please…

After my exploits of the ultra marathon, I have been feeling pretty good about my achievement. It wasn’t the perfect day yet I coped, still finished and had a great time doing it. But, the question is what to do next.

I think, no I would do another ultra but the problem I have is that during the training phase I just don’t get to rides my bikes and I miss that so much. I joking said to my wife that the only option was to sell all the bikes and just run, I didn’t mean it, I couldn’t.

In these days of ever expanding sporting events there are many options, and so I just need to decide what direction I wish to go in. I have been considering doing some more duathlons, but if I want to do endurance events there aren’t many long duathlons.

So on the basis that I prefer the endurance events, then this brings triathlon back into the equation. This then also delivers the elephant back into the room, swimming.

Now, I can swim, I have proved that, my attitude towards it is poor, I admit that. But, there is simply no reason why I can’t do it and then improve. The question is how do you flick that mental switch? Could it be accountability, make yourself accountable for your actions. Could it be the need for writing down what to do each session and doing exactly that? I don’t know currently, but somehow in the back of my mind I think I might find out.

In the meantime my bruising has nearly all gone, just a little left on each ankle and after my rest week I am looking forward to some cycling and maybe a visit to the pool?

In terms of events, well the L’etape London in September is all that is booked but I might have a look at getting a duathlon in for some fun.

For anyone who is wondering whether I have had this discussion with the coach, the answer is yes and Iron Mike provided some very interesting thoughts, certainly food for thought there.

In the meantime I am going to carry on enjoying the downtime, drink some more beers, enjoy an extra glass or two of wine and relax!


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