It Has Been A While

Like the greeting you give an old friend you haven’t seen for ages, it has been a while since I wrote anything. I could at this point attempt to write some complex and thoughtful entry as to the reasons why, they could be physical or psychological. However, the truth is far far more simple, I just had nothing to say or write.

For someone who is not often short of something to say, this may surprise those who know me, but it really is true, I had nothing to say.

Okay, there is a little more to this than me becoming mute, and that will prove equally surprising to those who know me.

What is it I hear you cry, or more likely don’t bore us get to the chorus, well I lost my interest and motivation to train. I was coming home from work and I just couldn’t be bothered to do anything. I tried ti do some running, but it just wasn’t really happening, yes I could do the session but I didn’t feel like me doing it. I went swimming and did drills, get bored and got out of the pool.

I did my weekend bike rides, I just didn’t feel like me, although I did set a bunch of PR’s on hills not sure how but obviously physically there is nothing wrong with me, just mentally.

This has continued into this week, last week I did nothing at all, Monday night was a planned run. I left work fully intending to do it, but on getting home, I sat down and decided to watch the speedway instead. At this point I couldn’t really see it changing, but, come Tuesday evening I got home and realised I fancied a go on the turbo trainer, not to do some complex session involving power and cadence, no to ride part of the Sean Kelly sportive route, 20 odd km’s of simulated Irish roads with a 5km climb. I loved it, sweat was dripping off me, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Sitting in my garage going nowhere but everywhere.

Wednesday night is traditionally the planned turbo session, so I did it, yes it was a simple session consisting of one major effort, but again I loved it, I didn’t care I was dripping everywhere or looked wrecked when I finished, I had fun.

There I said it, I had fun. The thing I think had been missing, and I think it has sparked my love of riding my bikes again, in fact I have already prep’d by bike foe the coming winter, new tyres, brake blocks etc. As it stands two wheels is once more the love of my life.

What caused me to stutter from the path of exercise? Well, there are to possibilities, post race blues from the Ultra or over training. I have done research on both, and am not sure which one fits best, although I seem to exhibit more signs of overtraining and probably having a rest has done me some good in the long run. We will see.

Are there plans in place for the future, well in my head I have some I think I have. I am yet to finalise them but at this point it is enough to say I think they will involve lots of two wheel action, but we will see.

I have learnt something from the last few weeks, and that is without having fun training is bloody tough going, and so going forward if I am not enjoying it I need to act not just let it slide and hope it will come good.

I am now off to look at some bike pictures as my wife is out!

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