Having Fun Again

I realised the other day I have written anything for ages, there has been no real reason for this, just I didn’t think I had anything much to say.

The last few months have been a bit trying, I initially struggled to decide what I wanted to do going forward and even once I decided I just found it all hard going.

The best thing I have done is, for now decide to leave triathlon alone, and focus next year on having fun on the bike. I have entered a few duathlons but other than that I will be doing bike events that I just fancy.

In the summer I learnt that if you are going to do anything you should do it with passion, without passion it is very hard to achieve what you want. When I stopped swimming I just felt like a weight had been lifted, I used to get stressed about swimming and never really enjoyed it and this plainly led to me not being able to relax and this led to all sorts of other issues in the water.

So, having decided to give it a rest I now feel much better about things, and whilst I am a little up and down in training in terms of performance, this is not a concern as it is the off season really. The main thing is that I am enjoying training again and having fun doing it.

Other than finding a bit more consistancy in training I need to write more posts as I actually miss doing them and I am sure someone misses reading them!




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