A New PB

Christmas bought me many good things this year and also something unexpected, a new PB

The PB occurred on Boxing Day, prior to going out for a gentle run I jumped on the scales, and whilst I knew I was carrying a little extra what happened next was a surprise.

The scales showed 12 stones 10 pounds (80.7kg), that is by far the heaviest I have been for many a year and frankly was a shock to me.

When I am fit I am under 11 stone 10 pounds (74.4kg) and so the difference is quite big. I am not very tall around 5 foot 8 inches (1.73m) and so extra weight is obviously a bit of an issue.

I have nobody to blame of this but myself, I haven’t done a huge amount of the last few weeks and Christmas brings it’s own set of dangers. For me, it isn’t the drink, I like a beer but don’t drink a whole lot, it is the cake and puddings I can’t resist.

Who can turn down a few mince pies with a cup of coffee or a big slice of fruit cake? Not me that is for sure. As for Christmas pudding I love it, cover it in double cream and I am in for a couple of helpings at least.

I know this shows an obvious weakness and so it should be easy to address, but, I think I have a bit of a sugar addiction. I don’t have it in my coffee or tea or even on my porridge but show me a pudding or cake and I can’t help myself.

As they say, “I love the cake!”

So then what to do about it? Well I know cutting downs the key, trying to stop dead won’t work as it will demonise it and make me resentful, so I will aim to cut back, small slices and only one helping of pudding. Combine that with the excellent coaching I always get from Mike (I bet he doesn’t have a cake weakness!) I reckon I will get control of it.

I wouldn’t normally make such a public statement about my weight but I feel sometimes putting it out there makes doing something about it a little easier.

I will report back on the progress, but in the meantime  feel free to hurl fat jibes at me, I deserve them!



3 thoughts on “A New PB

  1. Christmas is a good excuse for a nutrition holiday, but get back on it as soon as the festive season is over. It feels so much better being fit & healthy 💪

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