So That Was 2015

As the end the year approaches it would be remiss of me to miss out on the opportunity to write something about the year I have had.

For anyone expecting a tale of sex, drugs and rock and roll, I am sorry but this is not the right blog for that, its more like 50 shades of a grey hair with no bondage in sight.

The main objective for 2015 for me was the ultra marathon, 50km of off-road running in the summer.

The build up to this, as you can imagine, involved a lot of running, which whilst sounding dull was actually really enjoyable. Getting out into the hills for a few hours at a time was really relaxing and never felt like a chore.

In the run up I did a few other events, which based on the fact there was no specific training for any of them went pretty well. Anyone who did the Chiltern 100 Sportive will remember it was a miserable day and os just surviving was an achievement

The ultra itself didn’t go to plan as I did something to my IT band and struggled through the last 10 miles or so, I could have given up but didn’t and was glad to finish it.

Would I do one again, yes but the problem with them is that the training takes up so much time I had no time to ride my bikes and I missed that a lot so unless I could find a way of combining both the ultra’s will go on hold of ra while.

If I was a pro athlete this is the bit where I would thank my list of sponsors for their help during the year, but as I am not and hove no sponsors I will thank s few people who have helped me this year.

To Gary & Dave for the few training rides we managed together this year, to Mike at TriPerformance for a quality training program this year. But, the biggest thanks goes to my wife, Suzanne who supports me throughout any of the selfish activities I do, as anyone knows that type of support is the best.

2016 doesn’t really have a main feature yet, just a couple of duathlons and some quality looking bike events

If there was one thing I could do next year it would be to get a couple of my good friends out on bikes, they know who they are and I reckon it might happen if I try hard enough.

Happy new year to everyone and I hope your 2016 is successful.


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