What About The Weather?

Well the last week has certainly produced a fine array of weather that has gone form one extreme to the other.

Last Saturday I was mountain biking in frozen and also deep wet mud, and that made for a tricky day, that is another story and not one I want to recount again here!

Sunday, there was a blanket of a couple of inches of snow which was melting rapidly and turning the trails into really wet muddy paths. This made running an interesting affair, as when you put your foot down in the snow, you has no idea if it was frozen underneath or another muddy puddle. I enjoyed running in it but wouldn’t want to do it everyday.

Monday was a weights session, so the weather had no impact, minors was warm and comfortable.

Tuesday, ah Tuesday was bloody freezing, infant it was -3 and so doing hill repeats was no fun, the cold air, the road was icy and so basically it was purgatory.

My turbo session on Wednesday was also cold, my turbo trainer is in the garage and so a couple of extra layers were required to get the body up to the warm working temperature, perhaps next time I will bring it into the house?

Thursday was better, yes it was cold but the temperature was on the increase and so running was not as bad.

Friday, much more like it, an increase in the temperature meant a much more enjoyable time.

Saturday, again warmer and so for my run a change of kit to remove of the extra warm stuff, and no hat just gloves and even then I probably didn’t need them, I noticed my wife went running without hers, so perhaps I need to man up a bit!

Finally, Sunday and the circlet is complete a much much warmer day, about 12 degrees and so with a watery sun trying to come out made for a really enjoyable bike ride, if only the wind would go away it would have been near perfect.

So there you have it, my training last week was really more about the weather, and t didn’t help by having a coach posting comments and pictures from a very sunny looking southern Spain, perhaps his rates are too high and I need to renegotiate!


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