Step Forward, Stumble Backwards

Over the past couple of weeks I have felt like have bene making decent progress in my training, I am starting to feel more like the in condition version of me.

For example, this week I did a decent interval session, yes it was hard, yes I struggled with the last couple of reps, but that is the idea and whilst the actual intensity of the interval should have been well within my limits, at this stage it wasn’t, not quite but it was close.

So you can imagine how I was looking forward to my first organised event of the year, a Wiggle CX Sportive called Chiltern Wildwood, I felt in terms of my bike riding that the 60km would make an excellent tester of the legs and a chance to ride in a different area.

Then the backwards steps come in, I get some kind of stomach bug and after eating anything I don’t need to be too far form the bathroom as if it is going in one end it is coming out the other!

To me that is simply not fair, I have a history of stomach issues but recently there hasn’t been any issues, I guess it it is back touting a bunch of food stuffs out of the diet to see what makes a difference this time.

In a couple of weeks I have the first duathlon of the season, this will not be fast but will set the markers for those to come later on.

Time to stay positive and enjoy the training.


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