2016 Events

As is traditional at this time of year it seems you need to publish the events you are doing in the coming year, so far be it from me to break that.

As it stands these are the events entered so far,

Date Event Name Event Distance Website Event Type
7 Feb Chilterns CX Wild Wood Sportive 60k http://www.cxsportive.com Cycling
20 Feb Windsor & Eton Duathlon Series race 2 5k/20k/5k http://www.f3events.co.uk Duathlon
20 Mar Windsor & Eton Duathlon Series race 3 5k/20k/5k http://www.f3events.co.uk Duathlon
16 Apr Windsor & Eton Duathlon Series race 4 5k/20k/5k http://www.f3events.co.uk Duathlon
1 May Kawasaki G100 * 50 miles http://www.gorrick.com Cycling
3 Jul The Lapierre White Roads Classic 110km http://www.cycleclassics.co.uk Cycling
28 Aug 12:12 Torq in your Sleep 6 Hours http://www.gorrick.com Cycling

* Entries not yet open, but will enter once I can

I am looking forward to putting in the hours to get through these and I am sure one or two of you may join me along the way!