A Shoe Fetish

I think I have an issue with shoes, well to be exact running and cycling shoes. In my world I don’t really care about the fashion shoes, as long as I have a pair for work and some trainers for the weekend I am happy.

When it comes to sports shoes however, this is a whole different world and I don’t seem to ever own enough pairs. Currently I have just bought another pair of running shoes, Asics Kayano 19’s and these were added to my Saloman XA’s, Ascis Torans and Saucony Guides. I often find my self saying to my wife you only have one pair of feet so why so any pairs of shoes, now, I am getting it back, how many pairs can you run in at once?

My response is simple, specific shoes for specific activities, shoes for training in, some for racing in and off-road shoes, simple really.

The problem is running shoes are not my only fetish, cycling shoes are also something I own multiple pairs of, two pairs of road shoes and a pair of mountain bike shoes, again specific shoes for specific activities, so in my eyes not a problem!

There is one final issue though, because I generally wear the shoes out in terms of cushioning and support there isn’t actually much wrong with the body of the shoe, and this means that I have about half a dozen old pairs still kicking around the house, these do cause a problem as there isn’t room on the shoe shelf for them all! I think I may recycle some of the pairs and perhaps keep an odd pair for knocking around in, we will see.

I think I am normal for a runner/cyclist in having so many pairs of shoes, are others the same?