Review – Asics Kayano

The Asics Kayano shoes have ben around for a number roof years now, so much so that the current version has the number 21. The shoe is designed for overpronators and has ample cushioning to provide comfort on long runs.

I started using these shoes a few years ago and have happily used version 19, 20 and 21.


The colour schemes are a very much a personal choice, me, I like them especially the orange.

With all running shoes the big question is what are they like to run in? The good news is that the answer is simple, they are great. The comfort provided by the cushioning is very good, but then again there is a decent amount of it, not to the level of Hoka One One but still a decent amount.

I have found the initial wearing in process can be a bit trying, as getting the lacing right to hold the foot stable and not get hot spots can take a few goes, but once that is sorted there are no other problems.

The shoe for me is not as hard wearing as some other makes I have had, I find that within 500km not only is the comfort going, but I have worn a hole in the inside of the heel of the shoe. Now, I have to say that I do seem to do this to most makes of shoe I have owned, but with the Asics the breakdown in the cushioning and the hole do seem to appear earlier than with others.

The price is a draw back with these shoes, they are pricey at full price, if you shop around you can get them discounted, but they are a high end shoe.

In conclusion, do I like these shoes? Yes, would I recommend them, well if they suit your running style then yes, they do cost a bit but the comfort they provide is worth it.