An Apology

I am going to start 2014 with an apology to all those of you that read my ramblings, in 2013 I seemed to do nothing more than moan about pretty much everything, from a bit of illness to my inability to swim a perfectly. Basically this is unacceptable, yes it is good to write about the challenges you face but don’t turn each entry into a moanfest.

So, in 2014, for any blog post which is nothing more than me moaning about something I am going to make a donation to a charity. I will get my wife to judge the posts as she is well placed to know when I am moaning and not being constructive, but if any reader wants to comment as well then that is fine and your opinions will be taken into account.

I read quite a few other blogs and I am impressed at how so many of them are always positive, I need to get into this mindset, I have proved before that when the mind is strong anything can be achieved and somewhere over the last 12 to 18 months I have lost this, but I now want to get it back.

Bring it on 2014 I reckon I can handle you and if I can’t, well it won’t be for the want of trying.

Come on.


Things Can Only Get Better

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, they have. From just having a heavy cold it has now transformed itself into a chest infection.

The chest infection is causing me to not be able to sleep properly, I’m coughing a lot and basically unable to do anything that resembles exercise.

I am thinking I will lose this week as well and maybe next weekend I can restart some training but even then I am going to have to start light and build up again.

What does this mean to my plans? Well I think that any chance of doing the Blenheim Triathlon is slipping away, I just won’t have done enough swimming. Luckily you can defer your place so it might go onto next years agenda.

For the events after that, I reckon the Dorney Lake tri is still possible as long as I don’t lose to much more swimming.

Part of me still wants to go and try to finish Blenheim, but realistically could I complete it after having lost almost 4 weeks of training at probably the most important time, I’m not sure.

I have been thinking about what has caused my bought of illness, and I’m wondering if water going up my nose during swimming isn’t helping. When I started swimming I always suffered with a blocked nose after swimming caused by the water going up it, I then used a nose clip for a while and this stopped. Then for a reason I can’t remember I stopped using the clip, and have suffered the same affects since. I think I will go back to using the clip, even if it means slightly altering my breathing in the water.

If reading this you are wondering why I am moaning about a bit of illness, well the reason is that I don’t usually suffer colds etc, whether I have been previously lucky or whatever this year has been the worse since my son was a baby where you get everything they get, and that was 16 years ago!

I am now taking the positive outlook, if I don’t domBlenheim then it will be there next year and I still have a few other events planned that I can do and I’m sure this bout of illness will soon be over.

It Finally Happened

Well it finally happened this week, I got sick and sick enough to not only to have not train but to also take a day off work!

The disappointing thing is that I only really had a cold, but somehow it made me actually sick and thus couldn’t eat and so the usual lack of energy followed.

I had planned a decent week of training, I started off with a relaxing 8km run where I acted as the pacemaker for my wife, and I was looking forward to swimming this week as I feel it might come together.

It’s Friday now and I am now eating again, so I reckon I might try either a light bike ride or an easy paced run tomorrow and depending on how it goes Sunday could be either long run or a couple of hours on the bike.

The good news for me, is that next week I have a weeks holiday from work, and I had intended to do a decent amount of training and now I properly have no option but to do double sessions most days, will I actually do them we will have to wait and see.

Let’s hope next week takes some positive strides in the right direction.