The below is my original reasoning:

The ultimate question, well apart from the obvious Life, the universe and everything, is why would I do a triathlon.

Well, it all started about 14 months ago, I heard about a challenge to run a minimum of 3 miles every day for a year. That sound stupid I thought, and within a week I had signed up. It turned out that the challenge wasn’t impossible and I completed it. You can still read all my blog posts at http://1095miles.com/stevem/

The funny thing about the challenge was it made me aware that if you put your mind to something then you can achieve it, it’s 90% mental 10% physical or something like that.

Triathlon is a sport that has long interested me, apart from one aspect, swimming. I hate swimming to me it is the most pointless and dangerous form of exercise, you can drown in water!

So, I find myself at the end of the 1095 mile challenge looking at what to do next, and I decide a triathlon it is, the challenge is cracking the swimming.

The next step is to enter a triathlon, so I did, the Blenheim Sprint Triathlon next June, 750m swim in open water a bike ride and a run.

With this blog I am going to share my training expereinces, information I get, kit reviews and anything else I fancy writing about.

Well that was the original reasoning behind this, since then it has morphed more into my blog about the training I am now doing for different events, yes I did do a couple of triathlons, although not the Blenheim one, and now I am doing various different things.


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