Sharing Your Training Time

I do not know about anyone else but I always feel that I am in the lucky position of not only having a wife who not only understands my training needs but also trains herself.

We both have different training plans and generally train for different types of events, but that doesn’t mean we don’t discuss our upcoming races or current training as there are always ideas to share.

The other scenario that comes up is that we do, sometimes, go for a run together and today was on of those days.

I think the main reason my wife likes to go running with me is that I can take her out on trail routes she wouldn’t otherwise use, and for me I get to run at a nice relaxed pace!

Today’s run was a gentle 75 minutes through the fields and woods of the Chilterns. The sun was out and whilst there was some wind it seemed to be a tail wind.  Running through the fields we just didn’t see anyone, there was nothing to see but countryside, and who doesn’t like that?

I have to say that I really enjoy running with my wife, she will spend half the time saying that I should go on and she is too slow or that she doesn’t know why I run with her as her pace is so slow, but to me I just enjoy the opportunity to run with someone else and share an enjoyment of the countryside and whilst she is slower than me, if you don’t have the opportunity to run with faster people you  don’t improve. I certainly remember running with a group and struggling to hang onto the back, eventually I got faster but you have to start somewhere.

If you are a runner and your partner says that they fancy trying it, encourage them, go out with them you never know you might find something else you can enjoy doing together.


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