What’s next?

Well it has been a very long time since i wrote anything on this blog, and to be honest that has been mainly because i haven’t had much too say. I’m pretty sure there was no need for people to read my take on a global pandemic!

So what has changed since i last wrote anything? Well i haven’t done a race in probably 2 years and i am no longer a coached athlete. During the lockdown i couldn’t decide in what direction i wanted to go in and Iron Mike was looking to cut back on coaching, so we decided to go our own ways. It was very amicable and without Mike’s coaching over the years i doubt i would have achieved so much. In our time together i did an ultra marathon, a couple of triathlons any number of duathlons, cycle sportives, cx races and running events. I really enjoyed being coached and now that i have been left to fend for myself i realise just how beneficial being coached is, from the structured training plans to person to seek advice from, having a coach just works so well for me.

As for now, i am sort of looking for a new coach, so if anyone knows someone let me know.

As for what i am intending to do now, that is very much up in the air as i can’t decide what i want to do, i have toyed with the idea of LeJog and also how far could i cycle in a day, 200km, 250km or even further. Perhaps that might be fun aim to ride to somewhere a long way away in a day. Running is on the back burner currently, i took over 5 months off and i have tried to ease myself back into it but i am not enjoying it, so currently i am doing 3 or 4 easy’ bike sessions a week, but i find training without purpose so difficult and also most pointless.

In the near future the intention is find a direction for training and to start writin g this blog again, if nothing else it helps me out and if no one else reads it then that’s fine!!!


2 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Hey Steve, you’ve definitely had a very eventful few years. Fully understand that signing up to a event is the motivation to train. LEJOG sounds like the ideal challenge for you.

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