An Easy Time Of It

Over the Christmas period my training was set up as unstructured, as a time to refresh myself both physically and mentally. On first reading this I thought I would probably just train like normal, but on thinking about it I decided to just do what I fancied, which is what it said.

From this I didn’t do anything for a couple of days, did an off-road run on Christmas Day morning and then on Boxing day a short turbo session.

What I have found is that taking the time off when it is scheduled is just as important as doing a big session, when you train I don’t think you always realise just how much tiredness you can accumulate.

To this end the Christmas period is providing me with an opportunity to do what I feel like and so when when we get into 2014 I am not starting the year shot to bits.

The only downside so far is that my local swimming pool is shut and so I need to find another one to go and do at least one swim session to keep me ticking over, who would have thought I would actively seek out a swimming pool!

So for now it’s off to eat some more, drink some more and generally enjoy myself and you should to!


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