One Down

This week is good for one simple reason, it is the first week for what seems like ages I have got through an entire weeks training as planned.

No missing sessions due to illness, injury or just plain laziness, and that is a good thing.

I have felt more motivated this week, I just seemed to want to get on with the training much more so than before Christmas.

So, with a marker put down the platform is now there to move on and build the fitness for the coming year and the way I feel I need to build it and up and get the weight down!

Speaking of weight, why is it so hard when you reach a certain age to lose the weight? IT goes on quick enough but the reverse takes a lot longer.

I wouldn’t mind but I like eating fruit and veg but and do have them most days, but also I like cake and eat that most days as well. Something needs to give, so I feel I am going to have cut down on the cake intake.

Let’s see how the next few weeks go, but I think the corner has been turned.


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