It Finally Happened

Well it finally happened this week, I got sick and sick enough to not only to have not train but to also take a day off work!

The disappointing thing is that I only really had a cold, but somehow it made me actually sick and thus couldn’t eat and so the usual lack of energy followed.

I had planned a decent week of training, I started off with a relaxing 8km run where I acted as the pacemaker for my wife, and I was looking forward to swimming this week as I feel it might come together.

It’s Friday now and I am now eating again, so I reckon I might try either a light bike ride or an easy paced run tomorrow and depending on how it goes Sunday could be either long run or a couple of hours on the bike.

The good news for me, is that next week I have a weeks holiday from work, and I had intended to do a decent amount of training and now I properly have no option but to do double sessions most days, will I actually do them we will have to wait and see.

Let’s hope next week takes some positive strides in the right direction.


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